Mohawk Valley Young Scholar’s Program Seeks to Increase STEM Workforce

In an effort to help prepare the Mohawk Valley region for the nanotechnology expansion planned for that region, WDI has provided funding for the Math Academy of the Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program. A collaborative effort between Utica College, the Utica City School District, and the NYS Education Department, the academy has employed nine Utica College students to tutor high school students in math. The program is part of a larger effort to increase the number of students receiving Regents Diplomas in the Mohawk Valley who will then be eligible to obtain free education at Utica College.  WDI funding, therefore, is serving several  purposes:  providing employment opportunities to Utica College students; qualifying high school students for a scholarship program at Utica College; and ultimately helping the region meet demand for workers with strong STEM related post-secondary education and employment.