Learning Through Work

Working Stories

Working Stories- Essays by Reflective Practitioners, began as an idea from the WDI Executive Director, Ed Murphy, to capture the life stories, lessons learned, and paths taken from a group of individuals involved in workforce development in NYS. This collection of essays is intended to generate dialogue around paths to development and perhaps serve as guideposts to others navigating similar waters. Click here for a review of the book.

The full version of Working Stories is available here and the individual essays are available below:

Vivian Benton | Jim Bertolone | Esther Cohen | Pat Costello | Rosalie DeFrancesco Drago | Mary Jo Ferrare | Andrea D. Goldberger | Susan F. Hains | Greg Hart | Brian L. Houseal | Lois Johnson | Richard Lipsitz | Melinda Mack | Ed Murphy | Lin Murphy | Paul D. Shatsoff | Bob Trouskie | Richard Winsten 

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Women Working Calendar Project

Between 2013 and 2018, our Women Working Calendar project highlighted and celebrated women and their contributions to the workplace. We are proud of its past success! WDI is currently working on a new, digital project to highlight women and careers. Stay tuned!