Statewide Pre-Apprentice Program (SPAP)

Partnering with the NYS Building & Construction Trades Council, WDI (Workforce Development Institute) has developed a Statewide Pre-Apprentice Program with the primary focus to assist the current local apprenticeship readiness programs and where needed develop new programs. This partnership represents the union construction industry’s training and workforce development outreach to underserved communities throughout the state, with an emphasis on women and people of color.

Standardized training using the approved NABTU – North America Building Trades Union – MC3 curriculum and certified instructors is one of the “best practices” that will be shared across the state though the Statewide Pre-Apprentice Program (SPAP). The MC3 curriculum is continuously updated and encourages local support and input to continue to be relevant.

Entry and completion of the SPAP has been proven to be a successful way to provide entry into the NYS Registered Apprentice Programs and provide a pathway towards the middle class for underserved communities.

To find a program near you, visit NYS Building & Construction Trades Council.

Contact Information:

Crickett Thomas-O’Dell
WDI Statewide Pre-Apprentice Program Director
Learn more about Crickett here.

To learn more about WDI’s involvement with pre-apprenticeship, visit our blog, News & Views.


Pathways to Apprenticeship/Syracuse Build - July 2022

BuildNBeyond Hudson Valley - May 2022

Pathways to Apprenticeship/Syracuse Build  - July 2022

Albany MAPP


BuildNBeyond Hudson Valley - May 2022