These videos, produced by Workforce Development Institute, highlight the stories of working families who live and work in NYS and participate in WDI’s Child Care Subsidy Facilitated Enrollment Program.

The Working Family Series Video #1

Francis Sengabo living in Albany was born in Rwanda, and lived for 10 years in Tanzania after the outbreak of the war in his homeland. Since 2003, Francis has been receiving WDI's Child Care Subsidy. Here is his story.

The Working Family Series Video #2

Kristine Moore was born in Albany and resides now in Schenectady. Starting out in public housing while going to school and working full-time, Kristine was able to purchase her home for her four children, three of whom are in the WDI Child Care Subsidy Program. Kristine has been receiving the subsidy since 2013. Here is her story.

The Working Family Series Video #3

Jeff Prendergast was born in Poestenkill, NY and resides now in Albany. Having full-time custody of his daughter since she was 2 months old, Jeff has worked 6 days a week as a landscaper to provide a good life and pre-school education for his daughter. Once a manager of a Job Corps program for troubled youth, Jeff had to leave because of his schedule as a single father. Jeff plans to return to his profession once his daughter starts Kindergarten in the Fall 2014. Jeff has been receiving WDI's Child Care Subsidy since 2013. Here is his story.

The Working Family Series Video #4

Chip and Tabitha Zombick live in Vernon, New York where they own and train Standard Bred horses for Harness Track Racing. In 2000 Vernon Downs closed for three years due to ownership issues. When the track reopened in 2003, Chip was injured on the track. Due to his injury, Tabitha decided to quit working with the horses. She currently works for Lowe's and receives health insurance and other benefits for her family. Chip and Tabitha have a four year old daughter and one more on the way. The Zombick's have been receiving WDI's Child Care Subsidy since 2012. Here is their story.

The Working Family Series Video #5

Nesha Billins and her two children live in Utica, New York where Nesha works for Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS). At age 21 Nesha entered the U.S. Airforce where she received a college degree in Workforce Education and Development (Human Services/Education). Just after she returned home from the military 10 years ago, Nesha had her first child and became a single parent after the tragic death of her son’s father. After being unemployed for about a year Nesha found a job with a Headstart Program, which she loved but the money was not enough to support a family of three. In 2007, Nesha found a union job in Rome, NY doing accounting for the military, which gave her financial stability and career fulfillment. Nesha has been receiving WDI's Child Care Subsidy since 2012.

The Working Family Series Video #6

Terri Rainey founded and manages "Me Plus Three Daycare" in Rochester, NY.  As a home daycare facility Terri and her staff are able to provide quality child care for parents who work the overnight, holiday, and weekend shifts.  In this video we also meet one of Terri's daycare parents Alicia, a CNA who often works double and triple shifts to provide for her two sons.  Terri is an active CSEA member and has made many trips to Albany to advocate for working parents and child care subsidy in NYS.