WDI Announces Future Skills Exchange (FSX) - A New Skills Platform

Lois Johnson


WDI is pleased to announce the preliminary launch of the Future Skills Exchange (FSX). FSX is a free web-based marketplace designed to connect New Yorkers to the courses, certifications, and apprenticeships that spur career advancement.

Right now, we are in the first phase of launching. Our initial outreach is to community colleges, CTE schools, union apprenticeship programs and private technical training institutions to encourage them to register and load their courses into the system. The platform allows training providers to post information about upcoming or currently enrolling classes and provides access to a dashboard of analytics that tracks traffic on your postings and clicks to your institution.

Phase 2 will be outreach to potential students and workers looking to upgrade their skills, as well as employers in need of training or certifications for their workforce.

For additional information, view and/or print this flyer.  If support is needed for adding your institution’s offerings, contact Lois Johnson (WDI Director of Workforce Strategies) at FSX@wdiny.org.