Creative Lives

Edited by Ed Murphy

An anthology of essays about working in the creative economy. These personal stories written by reflective practitioners inspire us to identity our own creativity, to value how we express our values and to become more engaged in cultural activities. Each writer learned from their personal journey, faced unexpected challenges and discovered joys that gave their lives new meaning. They discuss their experiences and the lessons they learned.

The full version of Creative Lives is available here and individual stories are available below:

Ian Bearce | Kevin Christoffersen | Vinny Ciulla | Esther Cohen | Jim Crabtree | Michael Kamber | Victoria Kereszi | Annmarie Lanesey | D. Thomas Lloyd | Zigi Lowenberg | Marianela Medrano, PhD | Ed Murphy | Moses Nagel | Justin K. Rivers | Donna Schaper | Patch Schwadron | Barbara Taylor

Color My Future! A Career Exploration Coloring Book

WDI partnered with the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Career Action Center, housed in Poughkeepsie High School, to address the issue of educating children about careers. Color My Future! A Career Exploration Coloring Book was designed to help educate, inspire, and engage children and adults by increasing knowledge of 1) educational requirements, 2) projected growth, and 3) average salaries for an assortment of occupations. It is our hope that this tool, so wonderfully created by teen artists, will help children dream of a colorful future filled with opportunity while linking the future workforce to jobs in growing industries across the great state of New York.

The coloring book is available to download here.

Working Stories

Working Stories- Essays by Reflective Practitioners, began as an idea from the WDI Executive Director, Ed Murphy, to capture the life stories, lessons learned, and paths taken from a group of individuals involved in workforce development in NYS. This collection of essays is intended to generate dialogue around paths to development and perhaps serve as guideposts to others navigating similar waters. Click here for a review of the book.

The full version of Working Stories is available here and the individual essays are available below:

Vivian Benton | Jim Bertolone | Esther Cohen | Pat Costello | Rosalie DeFrancesco Drago | Mary Jo Ferrare | Andrea D. Goldberger | Susan F. Hains | Greg Hart | Brian L. Houseal | Lois Johnson | Richard Lipsitz | Melinda Mack | Ed Murphy | Lin Murphy | Paul D. Shatsoff | Bob Trouskie | Richard Winsten 

Please complete the Email Form at the bottom of the Contact Us page to obtain a physical copy of the book.

Creative Every Day

Creative Every Day- Tales of Art + Life Colliding is a comic book created by Troy, NY comic book artist and educator Ira Marcks. It includes a variety of Capital Region creative professionals telling the stories of their career choices in language and pictures appealing to young people. The Creative Every Day project is a creative collaboration between WDI, Proctors, Adirondack Studios, Greane Tree Technology, SAVI, ACE, and local creative advocates. Additional efforts are currently underway by these and other stakeholders to further grow the creative sector.

To download Creative Every Day- Tales of Art + Life Colliding, click here or visit to access the online version.

Annual Women Working Calendar

Each year the WDI celebrates women and the contributions they make to the workplace through a calendar that features extraordinary women and their stories. Please contact WDI by email or phone to receive the latest calendar by mail!

2018 Women Working Calendar
2017 Women Working Calendar
2016 Women Working Calendar
2015 Women Working Calendar
2014 Women Working Calendar
2013 Women Working Calendar