New York City

Winter 2017 Newsletter- Project Launches
Custom Frames Inc. (Queens County) Queens, New York

Type of Organization: Manufacturer of custom made picture frames serving picture frame retailers, art galleries, museums, and institutions

Project Type: Training

Project Name: English Proficiency Training

Impact to Jobs: Job Promotion, Skill Development

Project Focus: Position the company for expansion by enabling improved communication within the organization and with vendors and customers. The training will help reduce waste and lost time and will result in more employees being eligible for promotions, enhancing job retention and overall company growth.

Employees at Location: 16

GM Printing (Queens County) Long Island City, New York

Type of Organization: Printer

Project Type: Combination – Equipment and Training

Project Name: Equipment - Mounting Equipment & Training

Impact to Jobs: Job Growth, Skill Development

Project Focus: Help the company purchase equipment that will increase its high-end quality mounting capabilities. The new equipment will increase production and decrease turnaround time, allowing the company to increase sales and grow the workforce.

Employees at Location: 20

Crepini (Kings County) Brooklyn, New York

Type of Organization: Food manufacturer of crepes that are distributed throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Project Type: Training

Project Name: Technical Training for Crepe Making Line

Impact to Jobs: Job Growth, Skill Development

Project Focus: Enhance the company's recent investments in new equipment by providing training on the equipment. The new equipment is expected to increase capacity and produce safer and more consistent products, increasing their shelf life. The training will result in the development of current staff as well as the development of a more robust processing and operating system, leading to job growth.

Employees at Location: 28

**PLEASE NOTE: If the number of employees is listed as "n/a," then the project is targeted to other organizations. For example, building trades unions run training programs for their members, but members are hired separately by general contractors. In other cases, a non-profit may be running a program that serves others.