Our Staff

Management Team

  • Ed Murphy
    Executive Director

  • Vivian Benton
    Deputy Director

  • Allison Bashkoff
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lois Johnson
    Director of Workforce Strategies

  • Bob Trouskie
    Director of Field Services

    Dan Cullen
    Acting Director of Field Services


  • Donna Gaetano
    Executive Assistant

  • Trang Camardello
    Finance Manager

  • Shobha Iyer
    Finance Assistant

  • Wanda Parsons
    Office Manager

  • Teresita Remillard
    Accounts Payable Coordinator

Child Care Subsidy

  • Betty Bellino
    Program Associate, Capital Region

  • Brittany Buffum
    Program Manager
    Program Associate, Onondaga County

  • Malika Lee
    Program Associate, Erie County

  • Mary Mott
    Program Associate, Oneida County

  • Corinne Zajac
    Program Associate, Monroe County

Program Staff

  • Jennifer Bandremer
    Project Manager

  • Eliot Cresswell
    Policy Analyst

  • Ana Culver
    Grant Program Manager

  • Ross Gould
    Energy Sector Program Manager

    Susan Kaplan
    Grant Program Associate

    Dody Riley
    Grant Program Assistant

Regional Staff

  • Capital Region

    Crickett Thomas-O'Dell
    Regional Director

  • Central New York

    David Goodness
    Regional Director

  • Hudson Valley

    Mary Jane Bertram
    Regional Director

  • Long Island

    Rosalie Drago
    Regional Director

  • Lower Hudson Valley

    Sonja Brown
    Regional Director

    Christine Leone
    Regional Administrative Assistant

  • Mohawk Valley

    Mary Jo Ferrare
    Regional Director

    Mary Mott
    Regional Administrative Assistant

  • New York City

    Lisa Futterman
    Regional Director

  • North Country

    Greg Hart
    Regional Director

  • Rochester and Genesee Valley

    Lynn Freid
    Regional Director

  • Western New York

    Michael LaBerta
    Regional Director